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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  November 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm pat collins. 10-second sendoff starts with a bell and ends with a whistle, coming up, news 4. plus, the end is near. a major headache expected to be cleared soon but not before one last closure. and news 4 exclusive. why two emts in the district are being investigated after a woman's death. good morning. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 for this friday, november 12th, 2010. a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 39 degrees. very chilly out there. things looking up. we have had beautiful days and it's continuing, tom. it's quiet now. but when people start sounding off it may get a little loud later. but the weather is quiet on this friday mning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. chilly 38 at national airport. mid-30s prince george's and arlington counties. fairfax, near freezing. also freezing in central and
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northern montgomery and points west. around the bay, southern maryland, eastern shore, away from the waters, some locations in southern maryland are near freezing this morning. lower part of the eastern shore, tidewater, mid-30s. que a cold start. western maryland, west virginia, many locations in t low to mid-20s right now. we're under a clear sky. a beautiful start to this friday morning. autumn constellations twinkling in a galactic black ky. sunrise, 6:47. wel have a bright and sunny day. after that, up by 9:00, up mid-40s. by noon, mid-50s. early to midafternoon we'll briefly peak for low 60s. nifts after sunset. 40s through the evening. a look at the weekend coming up in between minutes. overnight road work. a buh of it. for the most part, it picked up. american legion bridge from the american shoreline, outer room
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headed across the bridge span moving well, as is the inner loop. a little bit further west and south on the braddock, bring field on up looking good, as is the outer loop. all the ernight road work is out of the roadway. one more stop into northeast. kennelworth both directions down to east capital looking good. head to the train this morning, so far no word of any issues. metro, vre nor mark. e? >> jerry, thanks very much. we are following breaking news out of northeast washington at this moment where police are looking for two people they say shot a man in the head. those shots rang out after 3:00 this morning on the 11th and galloway streets in northeast. let's take a look at video just into us from the scene. we don't have that video i'm sorry to say. it happened at fort circle par police say they're looking for a gray chevy tahoe with two people inside. the victim was taken to the hospital unconscious.
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this morning nurses at washington hospital center are saying they will go through with a one-day strike on the day before thanksgiving. national nurses united say understaffing at the hospital is hurting patient care. the union hopes a strike will force a new contract with hospital management. >> we're very concerned about outpient care and we're worried about the threats to our patients with the cuts that the employer is proposing. weon't want to strike, but our employers refuse to bargain with us and we see no otherourse to take but to withhold our labor for a da >> hospital officials say they're still peful for a resolution, however, they have a contingency plan in case there is a strike. we hope our nurses will choose to stay at the bedside to care for our patients. we are prepared, however, to bring in well-qualified and credentialed nurses to care for our patients.
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welcomed news toens of thousands of commuters. construction on ohio drive is almost comple. before we can say it's done for good, an important tffic alert. crews will be putting the final touches on the project. beginning at 11:00 tonight, the ohio drive will be completely shut down over rock creek parkway, independence avenue at 23rd street. it clos at 11:00 tonight but opens 5:00 m. on monday for the morning commute. if you're driving through parts of the district today, be sure you stop when that ligh turns yellow. three new red light cameras will issue tickets today. connecticut avenue andorter, third street and new york avenue northwest. cameras have been up for about a month but only issuing warnings so far. now, though if you get caught going through a red light you will receive a $75 ticket in the mail. right now president obama is on his way to japan, the final
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stop of s 10-day asian tour. just a shorthile ago he held a press conferencen seuol, south korea, following the g-20 summit there. he talked about the world economic prospects but warned other countries not to slip back into the old ways that caused the economic crisis in the first place. >> we agreed to keep focusing on growth. at home, the united states has been doing our part by making historic investments and infrastructure, education, research and clean energy. as a consequence, our economy is growing again. even as we must do more to ensure the growth issustained and translates into jobs for our people. >> the president was up successful in securing a free trade agreement withsouth korea. he also made ttle talks with china. the u.s. has long accused china of deliberately keeping its currency value low in order to boost its export now to a news 4 exclusive. what took an ambulance 15
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minutes to respond to a call about an incident of a woman bleeding from a medical incision on her neck. good morning, elaine. >> reporter: it's a question her family members want answered. right now d.c. fire and ems is vestigating this incident. they're trying to figure out if anyone lied about it. that's because that call came from just a few blocks away from the firestatioback here. the cident happened back in september early in the morning. 72-year-old christina was bleeding uncontrollably from a shunt in her neck. it is allegedt was not at the firestation a few blocks aw from where the same fire truck came from but instead closer to a different station miles away
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at 4th vestreet and rhode islan avenue where it was about to end a shift. d.c. fire and ems investigating this incident at thitime. ey are not commenting on this case until that investigation is complete. but, again, her family members are very upset, trying to figure out what took so long and wanting to know if this all could have been prevented. back to you, joe, in t studio. >> ee rain reyes reporting live. elaine, thanks so much. a convenience store clerk is suspended this morning. a northern virginia woman claims she is the victim of religious discrimination. she said a fast mart would not sell hernything because she wore an islamic head scarf. the clerk told her it was for security reasons. >> were you asked to remove your hat when you made a purchase?
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>> no, i was not. >> when you made your purcse, were you asked to remove your hat for the camera? >> no. >> fast mart said it is inveigating what happened and will review secure video. they issued a statement calling the cident regrettable. are you a military veteran looking for a job? metro may be looking for you. it is opening its doors and payroll to former rvice members. it is holding a fair from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p. the transit agency says it is trying to honor veterans for their service to the country. among the positions metro is looking to fill, mechanics, engineers, rail traffic contllers and communications technicians. and you could be in for long delays if you are taking metro this weekend. crews will be doing work oall
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five lines. red line passengers should add a half hour between shady grove and twin brook and 20 minutes between new york and rhode island avenue. orange, expect delays 30 minutes between vienna and west falls church. half-hour delays also excted on the blue and yellow line at paddock road. and 20 minutes between prince george's plaza and college park joe, it's the 10-second soundoff. it starts with the bell. it ends with a whistle. keep it sht. keep it clean. keep it snappy. soundoff coming up, news 4. plus, here'something redskins fans might want to soundoff o. clinton portis rocking the red. but what about that logo? come on. >> come on.
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high near 60. oks like the skins game will likely be dry monday night. a look into next week in ten minutes. traveling westbound along intetate 66, road work continues with the left lane closed. heading out of boston to falls urch. right now not a big deal. if it stays outhere it's going to mess things up. watch it carefully throughout the morning. american legion both ws doing fine. thosof you heading out at this hour will take one more look. kennelworth looking well. metro and vre no delays. >> 5:13. 39 degrees. ead on news 4, a dangerous defect just uncovered more than a half million cars recalled this morning. plus,mithsonian targeted. who wants to c tens of millions of dollars and begin charging admission. one woman'srief
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5:16 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist with some of your top stories this morning. first, breaking new out of northeast washington. a man shot in the head early this morning has now died. police say it happened 3:00 this morning at 11:00 and galloway northeast, fort circle park. police are oking for two people, possibly in a gray chevy tahoe. starting tonight at 11:00, ohio drive wi be shut down to finish paving and road markings from the roosevelt bridge to. thanks very much, aaron.
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well, 's bad enough to have your pet die, but one maryland woman has had to deal with the loss of her dog twice. because the pet cemetery lost her dog's remains on a highway all because a door was n closed. >> i feel it's so unjust for this little animal, that he was born in such a horrific thing. it's like he's trash is how i felt. >> the general manager of valley pet put out a statement quote saying, quote, this is the
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first time remains have been lost in the 30-year history. something like this is the last thing we would want to happen to a family. it was an unfortunate mistake that our company made. underage drinking and hazing at g.w. they are investigating five fraternities and sororities. all five of the chapters being investigated occupy university townhomes on townhouse row at the university. according to the school paper, approximately one quarter of g.w. studentare involved in greek letter life. the ballot count in alaska is getting pretty ugly. senator lisa murkowski's teamccused rival joe miller of making approximate petty challenges had in her write-in campaign. a miller observer challenged a vote from murkowski that appeared to have h name printed and spelled correctly though the "l" was in cursive handwriting. murkowski launched a write-in campaign after losing the republican nomination to miller. under state law write-in ballots must have e oval filled in and either the candidate's last name or the name as it appears on their declation. phonetic spelling will also be counted. budget cuts could mean you will soon have to pay to get
5:19 am
into the smithsonian museum. president obama's deficit reduction commission reported congress cut $2 million fr the smithsonian institution's budget and begin charging admission fees to make up forhe lost money. it could be made up by charging $7.50 per customer. it has been free since it was founded in 1846. we're monitoring a developing story in indonesia. hot cash is pouring from mt. merapi. the volcano violently erupted two weeks ago after sitting dormant for years. a series of blasts killed 206 people. it includes victims who died of respiratory problems and other illnesses related to all these eruptions >> the recall is for frontier and xterras made between 2001 and 2008.
5:20 am
there are concerns the steering shaft could crack due to corrosion. no accidents have been reported. most recalledehicles were sold in the u.s. they are recalling 18,000 sentras because of a faulty batty which could cause it to not start or cut out during low speeds. with just a minute left in the game, flacco hits heat for the score. 21-20. falcons are dramatics of their own as ryan connects with white with just 20 seconds left in the game. and that put atlanta up byfive. ouch! the ravens can't come back and they lose finally 26-21. someone may want tcall the fashion police on redskins running back clinton portis. he was sporting a philadelphia phillies at redskins park.
5:21 am
portis says he's not necessarily a phillies fan just a fan of the color. >> i just felt like wearing red today. it didn't have nothing to do with the phillies. i just felt like wearing red today. this is the only outfit i had, so put it on. >> portis hopes to play against the eagles monday night. he's been out with an injured groin since back in september. if you want to wear run, the washington capitals have red uniforms. the nationals are two washington teams. well, it's cold this morning. starting off with a clear sky. 5:21. down into the upper 30s in washington and nearby suburbs. and outside the beltway, though, it's generally below freezing. right now mid to upp 30s in prince george's county. away from the waters are just near 30 degrees on this friday morning. lots of sun today. afternoon highs, low 60s.
5:22 am
and on saturday, chilly again in the morning with a clear start and sunny tomorrow with highs into the mid-60s sunday, a few clouds around in the afternoon in the low 60s. monday, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. highs reaching near 60. there's a small chance of an isolated shower. right now chances are good for the skins game to be dry monday night. tuesday lookswet. highs in the 50s. drying out wednesday and thursday. tom, traveling westbound i-66 inside the beltway. apologize fo the blurry camera. left side of the roadway tied up as you leave boston headed to falls church. look out for that. making the drive to the wilson bridge. travel lanes are open. let's head over and see how we're doing. 95 northbound en route to the beltway. nothing out of the ordinary. out to the rails we go. metro, vre and mark, everything is doing well so far on this friday morning. joe, eun. >> jerry, thanks.
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our time is 5:22. local nurses are giving warning that they are planng to strike. >> plus, why monomery county could be following the lead of
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it is time for a brand-new segment. the segment we are calling the 10-second soundoff. news 4's own pat collins is up extra early and out on the streets listen to go anything, we mean anything you have t say. he's at the horner road commuter long in woodbridge, virginia. nice to see you, pat. who do you have out with you? >> we have a bunch of people on woodbridge commuter line. you have to keep it short. you've got to keep it clean. you've got to keept snappy. we call it the 10-second soundoff. starts with a bell. ends with a whistle. this is how it gs. >> i think all congressional salaries should be raised to $325,000. this would cover the cost of the residents back in the home district and i washington. and no more running could be accepted -- >> i want to say thank you to all our military folks supporting us and doing their
5:27 am
job. and hoorah! go marines! >> hello to my wife martha and hail to the redskin >> i love my wife, my daughter and i lovey country but i hate the fact that everybody is so fake. people need to be more real, especially politicians. >> so stick around. morebells, more whistles, more soundoffs coming up on news 4. eun, back to you. >> pat, are you finding people are upset or in good news? we have a coup birthdays, shout out on the redskins. >> i think people are in a pretty good moo most people had off yesterday. most othe people out here get up at 3:00 in the morning, sometimes even before 3:00 in the morning to come out here, wait for a bus, wait in the slug line for a 45-minute trip to washington. despite all that, they're in a prty good mood here this morning. i think they're sort of looking over ahead at that weekend
5:28 am
coming up. we're finding pretty happy people. >> i would be soundin off about that alarm clock going off so early. when do you have to return that referee to the referee store? >> i don't know. but if this whistle doesn't work any better, i'm taking it back to sports authority. i'll tell you that. try it again. >> tre we go. working on it. sounds good >> thanks so much, pat collins. that's one of ourwn content producers out there roughing it >> thanks, pat, and brandon. george washington university is doing its part to honoring veteran by awarding student vets with scholarships. g.w. awarded the yellow ribbon scholarship to 11 students. the yellow ribbon program provides veterans with additional funds to cover what the g.i. bill does not. zmedeca donated $100,000 towards their tuition. the company provides life-saving
5:29 am
medical supplies to u.s. military troops. >> from the corporation i'm getting the scholarship from i have used their product. two tours in iraq. we carry it. marine carry it. your right hand natally rests so you can get to it. if you need their product i have alive today because of his company. getting a scholarship from him is a tremendous honor. >> the scholarship is named after zmedec a's products, exclusively used by the u.s. litaries. first line treatment for battle field wounds. stay with us. news continues right now at 5:30. smth sailing. a major construction project that backed up traffic in maryland, virginia and the district is coming to an end but not without going out wth a bang. good morning, i'm eun yang.
5:30 am
good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome to news 4 on this friday, the 12th day of november. live look outside this morning. nice day daung. dawning. 42 degrees. >> we're getting a nice weekend, too. tom, we love this forecast. >> i think brandon's whistle is frozen. >> that's the problem. it is cold. >> many locations, especiall out there around woodbridge, across virginia are at or below freezing. upper 20s to near 30. closer to wasngton it's in the mid to upper 30s. 38 at national airport. right near the bay. right where the bay water temperatures are around 50 deees. it's certainly milder. elsewhere, freezingold start under a clear sky. 20s out of the mountains. tidewater, mid to upper 30s. weatr watchers reporting a clear sky this morning. autumn constellations twinkling. by 9:00, mid-40s. sunrise, 6:47. by noon time, mid-50s.
5:31 am
low 60s for a couple hours early to midafternoon. lots of sun. clear and chilly tonight by dawn on saturday right back down into the mid-30s. a cold start to tomorrow. a look at saturday, sunday, monday. that will be coming up in ten minutes. let's check traffic. friday commute. how is it looking? >> doing pretty well. getting folks outnd about on interstate 66. back to work after the holiday for a lot of folks. coming out of hay market, massas, fair oaks, all lanes open. i-270 southbound here at the i-270 sp, still doing okay. northbound traffic, should find the overnight road work wrapped up. one more sto let's take a peek here. southeast washington, pennsylvania avenue, traffic lights on minnesota avenue moving along well. outo the rails we go. so farverything is beautiful. metro, vre and mark no delays.
5:32 am
joe? >> thank you, jerry. following breaking news out of northeast washington. police on the scene at 11th and galloway streets where a man has been shot and killed at fort circle park. police say they're looking for a gray chevy tahoe with two people inside. no word on the description of the people inside. a traffic alert this morning. construction project backed traffic in maryla, d.c. and virginia is cong to an end but not before the road shuts down completely this weekend. we're talking ohio drive. megan mcgrath is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this has been a bear for folks for months. this construction project, you can see the barrels. they're off to the side right now. traffic is flowing. for months, they have had all nds of closures, lane closures, complete osures. it's dragged on and caused big
5:33 am
problems for motorists who commute through this area. we're talking ohio drive, lincoln where the road curves around down by the river. good news, this construction project is almost over. the bad news is that the final push is ing to cause the complete closure of ohio drive this weekend. they're going to shut the road down in both directions, finish up the final phase of work. for monday morning's rush hour, everything should be opened and the project should be done. the road is going to close tonight at 11:00 p.m. they hope to reopen it in time for rush hour, 5:00 a.m. on monday. the road will be closed from the theodore roosevelt bridge to 23rd street. so that whole stretch of ohio drive down by the lincoln will be closed. work begins at 11:00 p.m. tonight. then, thankfully, it should all be over. >> finally some relief. my began mcgramegan mcgrath, me
5:34 am
you. >> and d.c. drivers, listen up. beginning today, you will get a ticket if you're caught by one of three new red light cameras. connecticut avue and porter, third street and new york avenue northwest. cameras have been up for about a month but only issuing warnings so far. now, though if you get caught going through a red light you will receive a $75 ticket in the mail. a silver spring man is facing assault charges this morning after a dramatic road rage incident. it happened sunday afternoon in prince george's county along powder mill road in beltsville. he tried to pass a car. the other car stopped and dunn pulled up next and started yelling at the driver inside. when the driver pulled away and called police, officersay dunn pulled out a gun and started firing shots. police heard everything over the phone. no one was injured. nurses at washington hospital center are planni to go through with a one-day strike on the day before thanksgiving. national nurses united says understaffing is hurting patient
5:35 am
care. the union now hopes a strike will force a new contract with hospital management. >> we're worried about patient care and we're worried about the threats to our patients with the cuts that the employers are imposing. we don't want to strike but our employers refu to bargain with us and we see no other course to take but to withhold our labor for a day. >> hospital officials say they're still hopeful for a resolution, however, they have a contingency plan in case there is a strike. a statement from the washington care hospital says in part, we hope our nurses will choose to stay at the bedside to care for our patients. we are prepared, however, to bring in well-qualified and credentialed nurses to care for our patients. rit now it's a long shot, no pun intended. county executive ike leggett said he rejected the idea in the past but he is willing to reconsider it. virginia is exploring a similar money-making plan. earlier this week leggett
5:36 am
annound beginning in two weeks montgomery county liquor stores can sell alcohol on sundays. that could bring in an extra $2 million a year. beginning next year paying go to college in maryland could cost more money. governor martin o'malley says after a four-year freeze the tuition rate cannot stay flat much longer. he is pushing for a 3% increase next year. o'malley says he hopes to keep the increase at 3% for the next four years. right now president obama is his way to japan, the final stop of his 10-day asia tour. he held a press conference in sel, south korea. following the g-20 summit there, the president is walking away empty handed after failing to secure a trade agreement with south korea. president obama said he is confident that still could happen again if given more time. i've always said that i'm not interested in signing a
5:37 am
trade agreement just for the sake of an announcement. i'm interested in trade agreements that increase jobs and exports for the united states and hopefully ao increase opportunities for our trading partners. >> president obama made little progress with china in talks about currency. the u.s. has long accused china of deliberately keeping its currency value low in order to boost its exports. 5:37 is the time. 42 degrees. still ahead, vacation stories you do actually want to hear. we're finally hearing fr some of the people aboard thecruise ship that broke down at sea. plus on veterans day, a violent attack. what happened at a local american legion. next, a look at some gorgeous fall weather and a check of traffic, too.
5:38 am
5:39 am
the stories from the stranded shipment hear fr the passengers about the difficult conditions on
5:40 am
our time right now is 4: -- no, it's 5:40. 42 degrees outside. beautiful picture of the jefferson memorial all lit up. affic moving in and out of the district. here's tom with the latest. nice day. off to a cold start in most locations. temperatures at or below
5:41 am
freezing under a clear sky. still more than an hour away from sunrise. right nowt or below freeze anything montgomery, fairfax, arlington countyid and upper 30s. upper 30s in washington and prince george's foreperson a few lotions in southern maryland outside the beltway, 30 degrees this morning. elsewhere, west virginia, it's in the 20s. around the bay, generally above freezing. later today should climb into the low 60s with lots of sun. sunny saturday. a chilly start tmorrow morning. highs in the afternoon in the mid-60s. partly cloudy, low 60s. monday, partly sunny near 60. a small chance of an afternoon shower. a better chance for the skins game to be dry will be monday night. a look into next week at 5:51. how is the traffic? back to work and school for those who were off. american legion bridge, you can see just a very mor slowdown at mid span.
5:42 am
both directions. both lanes are open. let's head over and look at 395 northbound, 14th street bridge, no worries. outbound, lanes are open. beltway south of town getting initial reports of an accident. it's a report of the inner loop of the beltway between route 1 and telegph road off the wilson bridge inner loop. so we're checking on that. obviously you can see things getting little congested. we'll get right back at you. go out to the rails. metro, vre, no delays. penn 503, six minutes behind schedule. joe, eun. thank you, jerry. still to come, why local high schoolers are being targeted by protesters. change the tea party is requesting for license plates in virginia >> what life was like on the cruise ship stranded at sea. >> i think the worst part was the food and the smells from the toilets and also from the
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
taking a look at your top sties right now. 5:45. starting at 11:00 p.m., ohio drive will be completely shut down to put finishing touches on paving and road marking. ohio drive will be completely shut down over rock creek parkway, independence avenue at 23rd street. nurses at washington hospital center are planning to go through with a one-day strike on the day before thanksgiving.
5:46 am
national nurses united says understaffing is hurting patient care. hospital officials say they're still hoping to work out a deal. right now president obama is on his way to japan. he's leaving oul, south korea. i just wrapped up at a g-20 summit in seoul. >> for the first time in nearly a week passengers once on board a stranded cruise ship are waking up in their own beds somewhere in the vicinity of a hot shower hopefully. >> rorter: good morning, joe. starting to hear firsthand accounts of three miserable days on board the carnival splendor. it came to a full stop 200 miles
5:47 am
away from san diego after a fire in one of the engine rooms. the cabins filled with smoke. passengers say at one point crew members told them to head for the life boats. turned out that wasn't necessary. but 4,500 passengers and crew members were stranded at se with no air-conditioning, no hot water, and after a while, no decent food. a vacation to remember but not in a good way. >> it was a disappointment. the crew made the best of it. they were very generous. the food was very cold. >> we had sandwiches, lots of salad. >> and salad. i think we lost ten pods. >> the powerent out. no running water. sewage backed up for a good 24 hours. no flushing toilets. we were im pro vicing. we took sponge baths. >> the navy brought in food items. mexican tug boats arrived to
5:48 am
pull splendor to san diego. they arrived midday yesterday. carnival said everybody got a refund. a free future cruise as well and they paid to fly people back home. ship sails under a pan a main yann flag. memorable trip. they will be talking about this for years. okay, thanks. it has identified a problematic engine type that failed when an airbus-380 w in flight. the plane that just taken off when an engine blew out and caused a fir rolls royce said it was specific to its trent 900 series. london-based company says safety is its highest priority and it regrets what happened. qantas and singare airlines grounded nine of his a-380s >> now to a story you saw first on 4.
5:49 am
police in prince george's county want to find a man who pistol whipped three women at an merge legion post. an attacker approached a victim while she was layi a wreath outside. he reportedly handcuffed her and two other women insidefter one of the victims tried to fight him off. >> she came out and jumped on his back and threw coffee on him and tried to get him off me. he jt kept running around, where's the money? where's this? >> the woman ended up serving veterans at the amican legion post after being treated at the hospital. police say the suspect took off in one of the victim's cars. they found the car eventually but no other signs of the suspect. a group known for protesting homosexuality and pieting at funerals of soldiers is now targeting high school students in maryland. west borough baptist church is
5:50 am
planning to protest tomorrow. a school play attracted this controversy. >> whenever i think about matthew, i always think about his incredibly beaming smile. >> reporter: more than 12 years after matthew shepherd, an openly gay college student was murdered, his legacy still lives on toda in rockville, maryland. students are in final rehearsals for the larrimie project. it's a play about the town in wyoming where shepherd was killed and interews there with people who knew him. >> every word in the play is something spoken by an actual person in larrimie, wyoming. >> reporter: the director was willing to take on this controversial subject about a young person tied to a fence and tortured and killed.
5:51 am
>> this is a message of tolerance, which ireally what this play is advocating. something we thought our students needed hear. >> reporter: but the controversy has grown after the baptist church from tope, kansas announced it will protest the play saturday night. >> i think it's crazy they think thishow is so worthy of their hate that they would come halfway across the country just protest it. we're just a high school trying to promote love and understanding. >> reporter: ironically, the church's leader reverend fred phelps is portrayed in the play. >> this is the negative message that everything is contrasted against. so without the characterf fred phelps you lose that positive theme that comes out of the show of acceptance and tolerance. >> reporter: and the westborough baptist church said it will be out here starting 45 minutes before show time, which is 7:00 on saturday. when i talked to the students, i asked, will there be any fo of a counter protest? they said absolutely not. they're urging everyone in the community to come out and support the show. the best fm of a counter attack will be to perform the best show possible.
5:52 am
the creator of the garfid comic strip apologized for yesterday's striwhich offended some veterans. it showed the orange cat about to hit a spider with a newspaper. the spider warned that the day will be renamed national stupid day if it was killed. garfield's creator jim davis says the trip has nothing to do with veterans day. it was created more than a year ago and the print dateas random >> bad timing for that one. >> yeah. >> all right. let's get a look at our forecast. we have had beautiful autumn days in the last week. >> sure has. want to keep it going. good morning. right now it is cold, though. we have a clear sky. there's the jefferson memorial. but 23 years ago today we were digging out for a snowstorm. veterans day snowstorm of 1987. we got almost foot of snow in washington. the eastern suburbs had over 15 inches of snow back on november 11th, 1987. well, none that here this
5:53 am
morning. it's cold, though. cold enough for snow but dry. we have a clear sky. at or below freezing in most of the areas exceptear washington and the bay. mountains, 20s this morning. elsewhere, we've got it in the mid and upper 30s around the bay and southeastern virginia. this clear sky, thanks to a large ridge of high pressure locked in place from eastern canada to the atlantic seaboard, giving us a clear morning fo students at the bus stops. definitely need to layer. upper 20s and mid-30s. bright sunshine. sunrise 6:47. we'll have our temperatures by on time in the mid-50s and low six by early to midafternoon with lots of sun. good weather for the high school football games. 30s by dawn saturday. sunny tomorrow afternoon with highs into the mid-60s. mostly sunny sunday moing. a few clouds in the afternoon. low 60s. could get passing showers. it's a very small chance. otherwise, most of monday should be dry as well as for the skins
5:54 am
game monday night. greater chance of rain tuesday. dry after that. jerry, how is the traffic? take a live look at this hour. 270 loading up through hyattstown. a pretty typical pattern after the holiday yesterday. beltway, south of town there is, indeedwith an accident on the inneroop of the beltway. police should be on the scene. to the rails, metro, no delays. vre, fredericksburg 300 slightly delayed. and mark rail penn 503, six minutes behind schedule. >> thank you, jerry. 5:54. 42 degrees. we've t all kinds of things on our mind, which is why we are giving you the chance to get it out there. news 4 pat collins is hosting the 10-second soundoff. you'll get 10 seconds to say whatever you want. he's at the horner road commuter lot in woodbridge.
5:55 am
are people upset? >> peoplere talking about a mber of things here today at the commuter lot. it's the 10-second soundoff. it starts with a bell. it ends with a whistle. this is what's on people's mind. soundoff. >> love my country. keep it free. thank you very much. >> soundoff. >> love you mom! >> soundoff. >> i would like to express my frustration with hot lines. they should have tried h.o.v., too, before going to a pay system. >> i love my country. thank you dhs for employingme. and i love you mom. >> i'd appreciate it if they would allow slug to take the slug line. soundoff. >> god bless you, everybody. >> soundoff. >> let's get on the bus. >> on the s it is! i'll check you later. where is the bus goi?
5:56 am
rosslyn. i love rosslyn this time of year, don't you? >> i do. i do. >> let's get on the bus. you know, a lot of people out here are talking about transportation. because when you get up at 3:00 in the morning and you stand out here in the cold to get to work, transportation is right up here on your mind. you'll see what i'm talking about ming up in the next hour when we do more of the 10-second soundoff. now back to you. >> all right. >> people are following the rules at east, pat, it looks like. >> yeah, they are. >> yeah. >> thank you, pat. >> thanks very much. we'll talk to you soon. well, the pea party movement may soon be hitting the road in virginia. literally a state lawmaker wants to create a license plate featuring the "don't tread on me" slogan, one of the movement's mottos. the plate could be issued in virginia once 350 paid
5:57 am
applications are submitt to the dmv. 600 people have expressed interest in those license plates. metro opening its doors and payroll to military veterans. it is opening its doors and payroll to former service mbers. it is holding a job fair from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. why two emts are under investigation for their response time to a call that ended up with a 72-year-old woman dead. let's take a live look outside. dawn is headg our way. a look at weather and traffic together on the ones wh news 4 today continues af
5:58 am
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